Pro-Under Table Heaters/ Set of 3


If you want your table to run quicker and the cloth to last longer, then read on…

For the past twenty years, under table heating has been used as a method of getting the optimum performance from a snooker table.


Tube Heaters both in 110v and 240v that offer the ideal heating solution for applications that require low cost, steady background heat - our eco tubular heaters cost just £0.005 Per Hour / Per Foot to run

Our range of tubular heaters - 1ft to 6ft

Designed with safety in mind and built in the UK, our tube heaters are a versatile heating product that are used as a heat source for frost protection and to prevent condensation. They can be used in a variety of environments: to provide greenhouse heating, to heat Snooker Tables Etc

Low Cost Tubular Heaters

When used to supplement existing domestic or commercial heating systems they offering an economical source of additional heat. All our Thermotube tubular heaters are IP54 rated. We produce Thermotubes from 1 to 6ft, at 60W per foot.

All tubular heaters are supplied with mounting brackets and anchorage for each length. Linking kits (TBX2-PK) are available to allow for banks of heaters to be installed. Thermotube tube heaters are produced in standard colour white or parchment.

Eco Tubular Heaters


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